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Rate Schedule




2020 Lot Rents
$424.07 - $466.07
(Monthly rent includes sales tax, water, sewer, garbage, and lawn mowing services. Pet friendly up to 35 lbs)

Monthly RV Lot Rent    (with a $150 deposit)

$560 per1 month

$530 per2 month

$510 per3 month

$490 per4 month
(Monthly rent includes $100 electric, full hookup. Pet friendly)

Weekly RV Lot Rent
Daily RV Lot Rent
(Lot rent includes full hookup. Pet friendly)

Additional fees:
Initial late payment charge after 5th of month
Daily late payment charge after 5th of month
Correct conditions of non-compliance
$15.00 per hour
Additional person fee over 2
$20.00 per person / per month
Return check charge

(Please note: No pets allowed in our rentals.)